Psychophysical Methods and effects

Experience teaches that the position and posture effect

The concentration and state of mind. This drew the attention of some Christian
writers of East and West.
Although the thought of these authors and has elements in common with
non-Christian religions, but they are devoid of the exaggeration and one-sideness
which today often abound with deals of people are not prepared.
Studying spirituality, these Christian authors have interpreted the elements that
help focus on prayer. However, these authors recognized their conditional value.

They are useful if taken in understanding the goal of the Christian Prayer true Psychophysical Methods

For example, fasting in Christianity is first of all the meaning of repentance.
But in the opinion of the Fathers of the Church it was intended to help people to tune in to
meet God, until the ability of a Christian to possess him and make it more
attentive to the needs of the brothers.
In prayer man is called to communicate with God. Thus, his body
should adopt a position most conductive.This position of
the body may be a symbolic way to Express itself in prayer, varying depending on
cultural preferences and personal qualities of praying. In some parts of the world
Christians are increasingly aware that one or the other position of the body can
to promote prayer.

Christian pray is long appreciated the Psychophysical Methods

Symbolism, which was lacking prayer in the West. It may be treated as
a particular body position, and basic life functions, such as
breathing or heartbeat. For example, the practice of “Jesus prayer meet
the natural rhythm of breathing can, at least for some time.

On the other hand, those Eastern teachers confirmed that not all
equally able to use this symbolism, since not everyone is able
to move from the external material sign to search for spiritual reality. Wrong
understood the symbolism can even become an idol and to prevent the ascension of the spirit
to God. Even more difficult is an experience in prayer of all reality
own body as a symbol. It can turn into a cult of the body and lead to
deceptive identification of emerging impressions and emotional experiences with
experiences spiritual.