Christian Prayer Light of Revelation

How should one pray by the Christian Prayer Revelation

 The old Testament represents a collection of beautiful prayers for
centuries to preserve its vitality such as The Christian Prayer.

They continue to exist in the Church of Jesus Christ, where they became the basis of official prayers.
The Psalms are found already in the oldest texts of the old Testament, and then appear again
in later texts. Prayers of the Psalms testify to the great deeds,
made by God for his chosen people. Israel ponders these are
the events of salvation history and updates them in memory in prayer.
In the light of biblical Revelation Israel finds God in all creation and destiny
each individual person, giving Him praise. Thus he calls God as
Someone Who rushes through in danger, in sickness, in persecution, in tribulation. And
finally, the Israelite God is glorified in His power and goodness, in justice and
mercy, in His Regal splendor.

In the New Testament, through the words, deeds, Passion and Resurrection of Christ, we learn
It is the final Revelation of God about Himself.

Incarnate Word, revealing God to us, gives us the depth of His love. The Holy Spirit poured into the heart of the believer
man, “everything is penetrated, and the love of God” through The Christian Prayer (1 Cor 2, 10). According to the promise
Jesus Christ made to His disciples, the Spirit will teach us all that He still could not yet say to us.

But the Spirit does not speak of Himself, instead (…) will glorify Me, because from myself it shall be shewen unto you”.

What Jesus calls “His” belongs(as He explains below) as well to The Holy Spirit and The Father, because “all that the Father has is mine;

therefore I said that he will take what is Mine and declare it to you” (Jn 16, 15).

The New Testament writers clearly realize that speaking about the revelation of God inChrist, they said is illuminated by the Holy Spirit.

The SYNOPTIC Gospels narrate Affairs and
the words of Jesus Christ on the basis of what they obtained after Easter events offer more
deep understanding of what they saw and heard.

The entire gospel of St. John Christian Prayer

Processed the contemplation of him Who from the beginning is God’s Word, – Word,
Which was made Flesh. The Apostle Paul saw on the road to Damascus, Jesus in His God
greatness, is trying to lead the faithful to the fact that they are “able to comprehend with all
saints what is the breadth and length and depth and height, and to know superior
understanding the love of Christ, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God”.

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